Welcome to Iggy’s Garden. Iggy was my Dad and he got me into organic gardening in 1968 when he built our house here on the property he and my Mom bought in 1950. Victory Garden was Sunday “Must-See TV” at our house. So was “Square Foot Gardening.” He and I had a lot of fun with the garden, fishing, building things and figuring stuff out. I figured out much later that he already knew the answers or the tactic to use to accomplish our objective, but by taking me through all the steps to do something and convincing (or making) me do each step just right, he taught me problem solving and the importance of taking one step at a time. Those lessons came in very handy many, many times in my life, not just for gardening, but in raising my own daughter, building businesses and figuring out life in general!

I’m back in that same house now only my parents are both gone. I do feel close to them here and now I have the time to share what I’ve learned in 40+ years of organic gardening. I want to help you grow your own food, eat healthy, live chemical free and get involved in feeding the hungry.

Everyday is a good day to garden!!  Let’s Grow …


I think I may have been born 100 years or so too late. Just kidding, but I can totally see myself as a Pioneer Woman of the 1800’s. I simply love the concept of homesteading.  Homesteading was an absolute necessity back then, now we have the option to do as little or as much as we want depending on our lifestyle and how self-sufficient we want to be.  Some people grow … click here to see the rest of the story.  


Health starts with eating well. I don’t mean standing rib roast every Sunday kind of ‘well.’  I mean clean eating; eating what’s best for your body and your health.  That’s also what’s best for your life if you want to live long and be able to physically do the things you want to do.  That’s what I want for my life.  

I also know … click here to read the rest of the story.


Are you happy?  According to Vocabulary.com, “Happiness is that feeling that comes over you when you know life is good and you can’t help but smile. It’s the opposite of sadness. Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. When people are successful, or safe, or lucky, they feel happiness.”  That pretty much fits with my defininition of happiness, but I don’t rely much on … click here to read the rest of the story.

Helping Others

Philanthropy isn’t just for the rich to enjoy.  We all know it feels great to do something to help another, even if it’s a small random act of kindness for a stranger.  Gardening is my passion so it probably comes as no surprise to you that I like to grow things, feed people and teach them how to grow their own food, too.  My garden actually serves as a way for me to give back besides … click here to read the rest of the story.